Horizon Community Church

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We have worship centered on singing, scripture, and prayer.

Latest from the Church

God Requires Justice, Kindness, and Humility, Not Empty Sacrifice

As the people of God grappled with what it meant to live in peace with God, they were told that living right is more important than going through the right motions in worship. God requires us to live according to justice, kindness, and humility before the Almighty God.

Lord, Save Me Amid Fear

How does God desire us to react to the fear that surrounds us daily? The Lord commands us to seek shelter in God, the church, and the Kingdom of Heaven. We live in an age that is fixated upon war, pestilence, and disease. All of these things want to divide and tear us apart. Everything seeks to fill…

New and Renewing

The scriptures guide us to leading new lives daily. This newness comes from God, who assigns us the faith we need to carry out His mission on Earth. We examine how we can lead lives of worship and praise through our daily lives, and how God is filling us with the strength and power we…


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