God Is Our Guide: Respond With Faith Over Fear

Fear often grasps ahold of our hearts, especially in uncertainty. However, God has established that our trust should be completely given over to Him at all times. The enticement of fear that calls out to us in the midst of any disorder or chaos is paralyzing and leads us toward destruction. The antidote to inactionContinue reading “God Is Our Guide: Respond With Faith Over Fear”

Our Praise Needs To Be New, and Our Loyalty Needs To Be Undivided

Just as we talked about New Years and New Resolutions last week, we are reminded by the Epiphany of the Lord, that our praise and devotion must be made new daily, even in the cycle of life. Often, we allow our praises and prayer to become routine and rote, However, we must remember that theContinue reading “Our Praise Needs To Be New, and Our Loyalty Needs To Be Undivided”

The Promise Fulfilled, A Hope Realized, and Love Expressed

A Reflection on Luke 2:1-20 Advent is the beginning of the calendar, and every year, although different, is a cycle that does not end, and the wreath before us is a circle with no beginning and no end. Just as the calendar comes around every year, there are changes throughout the year, and there areContinue reading “The Promise Fulfilled, A Hope Realized, and Love Expressed”

Our Joy is Found In God’s Care for Us

A Reflection on Luke 1:46-55 The theologian Henri Nouwen described the difference between joy and happiness. While happiness is dependent on external conditions, joy is “the experience of knowing that you are unconditionally loved and that nothing – sickness, failure, emotional distress, oppression, war, or even death – can take that love away.” This yearContinue reading “Our Joy is Found In God’s Care for Us”

God’s Kingdom Prevails Over All

In a few days roughly half the population will rejoice, while the other half will feel some sort of dismay about the results of the election in the United States. However, no matter the results of the election God’s Kingdom will prevail, because God cannot be thwarted by the acts of man. Israel in theContinue reading “God’s Kingdom Prevails Over All”

Called From The People To The People

For many years, we have been attending church without realizing that our calling goes beyond just attending church, but instead, to be the church. Being the church requires us to recognize who we are, recognize our sin, and recognize that our humanity is an asset as we approach our community with the Gospel. As weContinue reading “Called From The People To The People”