Troubles Come and Go, But God Remains

At the core of modern life, we find trouble. Trouble finds us during bad decisions, but trouble also waits for us when we do everything right. Often we can’t connect any rhyme or reason for our troubles, although we often strive to point at something as the cause of our issues. Doing such will takeContinue reading “Troubles Come and Go, But God Remains”

The Promise

A promise represents the sacred bond that we have in our various relationships. Broken promises are tantamount to broken relationships and deteriorate our connection. The Scriptures look at promises in various forms, such as oaths and covenants, made between leaders and their community and between leaders and other leaders. These serve to maintain order inContinue reading “The Promise”

When In Doubt, Do Good

With the internet’s emergence and social media’s advent, innumerable voices claim absolute truth. Even among Christian sources, there is a lack of unity of thought and several competing voices. While the internet amplifies the differences, they are not new. Splits in the Christian church date back to Acts 15, where disputes among differing factions causedContinue reading “When In Doubt, Do Good”

Prepare For The King

We often prepare ourselves for something, gathering supplies and preparing ourselves for what we anticipate, only to be disappointed or frustrated when it doesn’t happen. This is exemplified by our expectations of the weather based on forecasts we hear or see on our phones, which can often be incorrect. It leads us to question whatContinue reading “Prepare For The King”

Recovering from Spiritual Blindness

In our current environment, it is far too common to hear complaining about issues in the world. We seek to assign blame to politicians, or people’s choices. However, our blame game is nothing more than being blind to the mission of the Gospel in our world. Jesus calls us to have compassion, address the issueContinue reading “Recovering from Spiritual Blindness”